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Welcome to the forum,since you are new let me tell you that you can use the find button in the upper left corner to search for answers to most questions. The ones you have problems with just ask.

You will learn that everyone does things a little different, yes you can cook different meat at the same time. Most of us likes to be careful with chickens not to let it dripe on anything else.

I will usually do big meat together and hold in warm cooler while doing the small things later, but thats just me. There are advantages to this that you will learn.

I have a cs020, but that AmerQ is a real nice smoker.
The short answer is "yes". You would start the larger cuts first followed by the smaller. Brisket, pork butt, ribs, chicken in that order.

Since the larger cuts can be cantankerous and take longer than targeted, we plan to get them done early. If they get done earlier, we double heavy duty foil, wrap in beach towel and put them into a cooler. They'll stay hot to the touch for several hrs that way. If they take longer than targeted, then you have some flexibility.

Many smoke a number of different items at one time. Get that smoker.
Its a lot like getting a new three burner stove,with an oven.What shall we do first?

You can cook as many things as you wish to plan and do.You can do a meat and threes,cornbread and a dessert.[as we like in the South]

It may not be like watching picture in picture TV to start the day,going to town until dark ,and dinner being on the table when you get home. Big Grin

You can do the same with a cooker.

They both take some reading, thought,planning,and practice.

Sometime,adjusting your technique,until it suits you.

The guys on the forum,if you follow them,will make it a pleasure-rather than a chore. Cool

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