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Seasons Greetings Gang- I have not been around much and that will be changing soon.
So, here is the deal...I am cooking for a Holiday party, about 25 people. All I am cooking is pork butts, whole chickens and beans.
If you were doing this, how many butts, whole chickens, and OZs. of beans would you smoke? I do not mind a little bit of leftovers, but do not want too many. I have no idea who will want pork, who will want chicken, etc. I just do not want to run out. Pork butts seem to be about 6.5 to 7 lbs uncooked.
Thoughts? thanks in advance for your help and I hope the season finds some of you guys getting new smokers!
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I will do food for my customer appreciation day, feed close to 100 automotive people. I will do 35-40# of butts, plus will do 40-50 burgers, along with about 2 gallons of beans, and a gallon or a little over of coleslaw, plus a potato or pasta dish, and deserts.

I would go for a whole maybe 8# butt and probably do 30-35 thighs.

Not knowing how big of an eater your gueasts will be.

Good luck.
You can multiply the lbs of raw, bonein butts by two, to get the number of four oz sandwiches.

I'd want to be sure that everyone had a sandwich.

Butts are pretty cheap,so I'd ask the meatman for a twopac ,at around 15 lbs.

This would yield about 30 small bun sandwiches,or two dozen larger buns.

Depends on how much snackin' ya do, when you pull the pork. Wink

Like Dave says,cook a couple jumbo pks of thighs .

They cook easy/quick,and hold easy.

A smokette holds about 30 large,without any problem.

You could put the beans on the top rack and the thighs on the bottom two.

Thighs/drums can usually be found for about a buck/lb and a couple jumbo packs yields about 20-22 pieces.

That's as cheap as whole birds,less handling and waste.

Now if you are thinking serving 1/4 chickens,I'd stick with 2 lb fryers and cook 1/2 doz, if you use a smokette.

A number 10 can of beans from Sam's[sorta of a gal] has about 27- 4 oz servings,depending on how much stuff you add.

That's kinda light, if that is the only side and no dessert.

Leftovers freeze well,or folks can take home a bite.

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