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I am cooking for fathers day and need some help with my planning. I plan on cooking an 8 lb Butt, 6 racks of baby backs and would also like to cook a small Tri-tip(dad loves Tri-tip). I would like to get the butt done early Sunday morning and hold it in the house oven,then start the Ribs and Tri-tip which I anticipate taking 5 to 6 hrs. I guess my questions are can I hold the butt that long in the oven and if so what temp should I set the oven at. Also can I cook ribs along with the Tri-tip? Should the Tri-tip be above or below the ribs? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know it will all come out fine but haven't cooked for this many people yet so I'm trying to get my ducks in a row.

Thanks Tim..
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The pork butt will take appox 12 hrs @ 225.

Babybacks (you didn't mention a weight) will go 4 hrs at 275...assuming they're really loin backs in the 2.5 lb range. If the ribs are true babybacks (less than 1.5 lbs) cut the time to 2+ hrs.

Tri're on your own...I always grill mine.

As for holding the butt, if you foil and towel and hold it in an Igloo, you can get your baby/loin backs done in time. Don't forget, you'll need some time to let the PB cool, pull it and add some finishing sauce.

Hope that helps.
I've never tried this, so you really some suggestions from others (like MaxQue above), but you could overlap your butt and ribs if you have room in your smoker. Babybacks will only take about 3 to 4 hours. I usually cook butts at 250 and ribs at 225, so I'd just reduce the cooking temperature to 225 when I put the ribs in. Although 250 would probably be fine for the ribs too.

I don't know what kind of meat will hold the best, but I'd FTC (foil/towel/cooler) the butt rather than put it in the oven. It won't dry out that way. In a small preheated ice chest with plenty of extra insulation thrown in, it should hold for 4 or 5 hours.

If you go the oven route, double wrap the butt in foil, put it on a pan to catch any leaks, and set your oven on the lowest temp it will go. On most modern ovens that'll be around 170.

I don't know about tri-tip.
Tim, Smokin' answered your question about timing the overlap; basically you don't have to be that precise since you can FTC the butt when it's ready.

Yes - put in more wood for the ribs. The butts won't take any more smoke at that point, but the ribs need them.

I just got my CS and I'm still working out the amount of wood to use, but for BBs, I'd put two medium sized chunks of wood in the box for the ribs.

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