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Time depends on cook temp, meat temp, & size. For dark meat minimum 165. & Thermoworks both have great meat temp guides. If you don't have a calibrated digital thermometer (instructions @ Thermoworks) get one!
Good luck & thank your friend.
More pork for us! Wink

PS: you may want to finish on a grill or in oven to crisp up the Turkey bacon.

& don't be surprised when Smokin moves this to the poultry section & suggests not posting questions at multiple locations. Cool
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Some folks would say the turkey bacon is so CURED that you could eat it raw.Usually the goal is to make it crisp or render out the juices and toss it out after that Big Grin.Smokin might say brine it for an hr ,or so,and then just cook until you see clear juices run when you prick it with a knife point.165º would be a good start point and the brine would give it a good cushion.Also, like said above,you might cook to about 150ºinternal and then grill/broil until you hit the 165º internal.The mouth feel and appearance would be better.

Since you are cooking on a Smokette,I'd crank it to your max 250º cooking temp.

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