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Found a used Cookshack Model 009, mfg date 2005 listed in marketplace.  Guy wanted $100 for it.  Went and looked at it.  He hadn't cleaned it forever. Had 3 layers of foil and grease in floor, rack rods were about 1/4 in diameter from baked on crud.  He complained that he couldn't get it hot enough to cook his venison summer sausage.  Plugged it in and it got warm, turned off and on with thermostat, door seemed to shut well, no rust, wheels would spin, cord was good.  So I offered him $80 and he accepted.

Got it home, scraped out the inside, cleaned off the thermostat sensor really well, sprayed and soaked the side racks and grills with oven cleaner overnight, scraped the inside some more.  Finally got all the grease and dirt and crud out.  Reasoned the smoker with a couple of smokes using cherry wood.  Cleaned the oven cleaner off the racks and grills.  Ordered 2 new stainless grills because the old ones were down to the steel and copper, no nickel plating left after crud taken off. 

Smoker seems to hold temp well even though empty when doing the re-seasoning. Some smoke leaks by door (but not too bad). Thermostat cycles within +/- 15 deg.

So I'm happy with my used find.  Wish I could find a SM045 for same price.


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  • Cookshack 009 S#: Serial # tag
  • Cookshack 009 inside: inside after scraping for a couple of hours
  • Cookshack 009 outside: outside- no rust dings or problems
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This is actually my third cookshack. I found two 008 last year. One was in pretty good shape, paid $125 for it and gave that to my son.  The other was really rusted around the lower edges, paid $50 after driving 120 mile to buy it, had to scarf some metal on 3 sides to even things out and make it presentable, gave that one to my brother in law.
I was excited to get the 009, it is really in pretty good shape.  It will compliment my Smokin-It #3 and #1 at home in Washington and the Smokin Tex 1400 I have in AZ for winter smoking,

I have learned the hard way that it is best to use a remote thermometer and keep the door closed.

Sent you a private message.  The temperature sensor is on the back wall just above the fire box.  There are some bolts that you have to remove to get the sensor out.

Take off the back cover, carefully remove the insulation and note the order when you do. (I use a magic marker to number them). Then you can get to the 3 or 4 bolts that hold the inside cover on.

When you do the replacing, be very careful not to kink the capillary tube or the sensor won't work correctly.

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