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Saw this recently, and since everyone is always asking "hey where are you from" how about a map that show everyone.

Please log in, no membership required to join the map.

All you need is your name and a zip code. The you can find everyone "who joins". Thought of this after some people were asking, who's in Florida, etc.

You might show us using your "Forum name" so we'll know who is where.

Forum Map

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I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but I think,after looking at the photos on the Forum map, that you and OldCoacher must be related....There isnt much distance between AR and OK.Maybe the ancestors traveled back and forth while hunting for mallards to whack.
I am going to find a good picture of "me" and try to add it too.I may be related to you two also. Kathy
Looks like I'm the only forum member in Western Australia!!!! None of the BBQ's Galore stores over here stock CS products, and it's a shame, cuz they do stock Brinkmann and BGE products, which aren't so user friendly!!! CS should get a sales rep to talk to them, I think!!!! This map is a really cool idea, Smokin'. I really like the satellite imagery too.


You may have to prompt me on how to get a picture on there.Right now I am in Vicksburg MS at a Marriott so may not have my photo on here for several weeks. It will be worth the wait..
Before I come back though I will have met a few of the Forum members in Mineola...Yay!!!
Nice map but it has its problems. It took me three days to get the program to take my input, but it did not load my picture. Now no one will every know what Papa Pig looks like. I even bathed and combed my hair for the picture and it wasn't even Saturday night. I knew this sight was too good to be true.

The map has a nice view in close-up. I was able to locate my house, my son's school and a few other places in Darmstadt, Germany. If you look real close you can almost see the smoke from my 009 making some baby backs.

I do not know who Google had help make the program, but Darmstadt is in Hessen, not Hassia. Hassia is a German bottled water company. Next time they make an error they should name my German State after a good beer, not bottled water. I suspect it was a programmer from India.

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