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Oklahoma Manufacturer Cookshack Honored with Governor's Manufacturing Leadership Award

Friday, September 26, 2008

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, USA – September 23, 2008 Oklahoma manufacturer Cookshack was honored today with a Governor's Manufacturing Leadership Award. The award for excellence is presented to five top Oklahoma manufacturers annually. The award was accepted by Cookshack President and CEO, Stuart Powell; Owner Donna Johnson, and Production Manager Jim Linnebur.

Cookshack has been a national barbecue industry leader, manufacturing smokers that help people make great barbecue at home, in commercial foodservice, and on the barbecue competition circuit, for almost 50 years.

Cookshack, manufacturer of smoker ovens for barbecue, has adopted Lean Manufacturing and the Eureka! Winning Ways product development program, with the backing of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. With the assistance of Manufacturing Extension Agents Doug Taylor and Clay Buford, Cookshack has implemented the programs, which have resulted in increased production capacity and the development of three new products.

Says CEO Powell, "We are pleased to be recognized with this award. Our goal is to provide the best quality products and service that we can. We have worked closely with the Alliance and it has paid off for us. With Lean Manufacturing we have realized significant cost savings and increased our production capacity. We have done this without increasing staff or the size of our factory. The new products that we have developed using the Eureka! Winning Ways model are innovations in the barbecue industry and we expect a very positive response from our customers when the products are released in the next 90 days."
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Congratulations to the Cookshack team. You are a good example of a company that can make and sell a quality product here in the US. Customer service still counts for something, particularly when you can talk to someone from your own country.

Lean manufacturing - slow cooking meat to render most of the fat out! (Yes, I do know what Lean Mfg. really is, but I like how it can be used for a barbeque'n equipment establishment.)

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