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my experience:

use a big point cut from the supermarket (unless you plan to cure your own); a small piece of a flat doesn't have enough fat.

soak that baby in cold water and change out the water several times, over several hours. you gotta get that salt outta there, or it is unedible.

pat dry, hit the outside with a bunch of cracked pepper and whatever else you want, and smoke. it will go faster than a plain brisket, I think because of the cure.

voila! pastrami. get you some deli mustard and rye bread.
Like Todd mentioned, I'd check "pastrami" also, although it may sounds silly, here's why.

Brisket is used to make Corned Beef which is then smoked to make Pastrami. So, did a search for "corned beef" and returned 49 responses. Searched for "pastrami" and found 52.

I think, if you try the search again, make sure to look at the one window labeled "Search Forum" It is a drop down menu and you either can select a specific forum to search, such as "brisket archives" or at the top of that list is "all open forums"

I did what Tom said. (Always a good idea!) Went to 190 internal, and a fab result.

But then...........I pulled out an old edition of Joy of Cooking (1978). There's a pastrami recipe there.

Two very interesting items:
1: If you are corning beef with pastrami in mind as the end result, you can alter the brine for that purpose. Add a lot of wine, corriander, ginger, paprika and pepper to the brine for the corned beef.

2: Cook that corned beef over relatively high heat---320*! 6-7 hours. Not low-and-slow. Put the heat to that bad boy.


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