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Had to let you folks know of my latest cooking�
Country ham cooked in my Cookshack.
Very moist and delicious. More of a texture of city ham with the taste of county ham. Great.
Took a commercially cured country ham and took off the skin. Trimmed the fat to about ��
No rubs, spices or soaking. Used a couple of 2� blocks of cherry.
Just put it in the Cookshack, fat side up for about 5 hours @ 250 till it hit 160 deg.
When I pulled the thermometer out of the ham, juices squirted from the ham.
You don�t see to many country hams that are that juicy.
Let it set for about an hour before carving.
Can�t wait to try it again. Cookshacks are great.


Here are some pictures preping and deboning of the country ham in a cookshack I posted about earlier.

Ham in a cookshack

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