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Country style ribs are my favorite, and seem to be a West of the Mississippi cut, I haven't seen a lot of play in the forum on them either. Guess I don't have much patience with prying the meat away from the bone after spending 3 hours doing the Q. I'm still trying to get a good bbq baste going on the critters. I prepare them like a baby butt, mustard base and Rib Rub and overnight 'em (although I truly can't tell much difference between right now and overnight. Does add to the mystique though.) I add my tomato bbq baste at the 2 hour point to avoid burning but the CS cooks so low that I may try doing it from the get go next time. I'd like to get it clinging and thick when they're done. Anybody else had experience with long slow baste?
Well,Dr. Mac

Dependin' on what's bein' promoted this week,ya got sliced pork butt or ya may have moved up on the loin with a few of them.

My first choice is don't do them.

My second is grill them.

My third is cook them up with kraut and have a good cold weather meal.

If they look more like loin,a faster grillin' and get them off before they dry out.

Ya kinda got a pork chop.

If they are sliced butt,cook a little slower and render as much fat as you can.

Maybe take them up to 170� and pull them when they've rendered enough fat.

If ya come up with a method that suits ya,go for it and let us know.

Big Grin
Dr. mac
I usually buy what ever I find at a good price, about 4 days ago it was country style ribs(the marketing technique) to me they are not ribs at all, from what I have read they are closer to the shoulder. I cooked ours at 180 degrees for three hours after they spent about three days in the fridge in seasoning. They were moist and tender, and most of the fat had been rendered, if you are worried about drying them out,(assuming they are small ribs) smoke for about two hours, wrap in foil, poke a hole (small) in the bottom for the grease to drain, (since you dont want to cook them in the grease, produces a bad taste) coat with sauce and cook for one more hour, and serve. I have had good luck using the foil trick to tenderize the final product after the smoke does its trick. Smiler
I did some of these yesterday, here they are marketed as country style or western style, both bone in and boneless versions are available.

I seasoned with the CS rib rub and left over night. I threw a couple of smaller pieces of hickory with a few potatos that I had poked with a fork. Set at about 235* and did the potato for 45 minutes which got the wood smoking and the temp up in the smoker, I then put the meat in for 35 minutes. About 5 minutes before I was going to take them out I fired up the gas grill and got it really hot, took maet and potatos out and on the grill. Meat only took about 2-3 minutes per side to be done and the potatos, well they took an additional 3.5 minutes in the microwave to finish.

Everything came out great, although next time I think I will start the potatos in the microwave and this will help them pick up more of the smoke taste possibly.

Next thing will be smoked chops I think.


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