First use of my PG500.  Followed enclosed cookbook for ribeye steak med rare (1.25” thick).

Pre heated to 600.  3 minutes each side over direct flame then 5 minutes/side indirect heat.

I have never overlooked a steak.  This one was bone dry and well done.

Cookshack Rookie needs guidance.



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The video is pretty clear. I have never used a PG 500 but just from grilling., 600 degrees for about 3 - 4 minutes per side for 1 1/4 inch ribeyes is good for rare; an extra minute per side risks going over to medium. I think the mistake is the extra time on the indirect, instead of just resting. Just my $.02.

I don't have a PG but as much as I love my ********* smoker, I found the cookbook that came with to not be very valuable.  All my knowledge came from the forum.  

That is just weird. If there are new rules about what can be posted (beyond the original rules (which seem unfortunately to have disappeared), I hope CS will make us aware of them.

The original rules, which among other things, disallowed selling equipment (including used CS equipment) on this blog, were useful.

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