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Don't have an AQ,and never tried a crown roast in any of the smokers.

I guess you'd cook it on a sheet pan to save the juices?

They are typically stuffed and the stuffing can dominate the internal cooking temp of the whole dish.

I believe I'd make my stuffing without any eggs,raw meats,etc.

I usually cook pork loin 335*-350*,so I'd probably run the AQ hot.

I might warm the stuffing to about 125* in the house oven,and hold it until the pork is around the same mark and then add the stuffing to the roast.

I always brine today's superlean pork loins,and that will also give some cushion to the pork.

Bring the pork up to about 145*,pull and hold the whole dish under foil.

Let it rest 1/2 hr,while you make gravy,etc.

Being cautious,I'd try to do a practice one,before doing one for a large group of strangers.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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