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Seeking some advice on a project I got myself into and really don't have the time for. Roll Eyes

I had a guy call me yesterday and asked me if I could help him out. He had "some meat" he needed cooked for Saturday and didn't want to try and cook it in roasters. How big of a box, I ask? 60# he says. So I told him I could even though we have a full meal catering for 425 on Saturday.

Anyway he drops it off about noon today and it was 60# per box but 3 boxes! Not only that they are frozen solid! So I am in the process of getting them broke apart so I can put them on tomorrow night when I get home.

I'm not sure what "cushion meat" is but it looks like the trimmings off of pork butts???? I hope they cook quicker since the chunks are around 2-3# each.

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I hope it isn't full of cartilage and gristle.

If I put it on and it still has some frost in it will it come out ok? I've never tried that before. I have to get it done tomorrow since I don't have enough smoker room to do it Friday night.

Like I always tell my wife.... Ask more questions before you commit to anything! Wink
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Well I am cooking it so I will try and let everyone know how it turns out.

This is for a coon hunters party. He said he wasn't to particular, it just needed to be able to absorb a lot of beer!

I don't like to hold pork very long let alone try and rewarm a bunch of it right before it is served.

If someone has cooked it, are you taking it to 190 or what temp did it shred the best?
Just pulled the test ones off. It took all of 12 hours for them to get tender cooking at 225. Granted, there may have been a little frost in the middle of a couple but they are still on the smoker and are only at 160-170.

These little 3 pounders took about as long to cook as an 8# bone in butt! They seem to shred good but the meat is a lot drier. Will add some apple juice to some and sauce to some as well. Kind of reminds me of pork loin. You know how there is some of that drier, coarser grain stuff in butts. That's what these are like all the way through.

Once they hit 160 it took almost 5 hours to start climbing again. 195 minimum to get tender but 200-205 seems even better. I usually pull my butts at 185.

Personally, I would stick to butts myself unless you like a really lean pulled pork. I think they would work as well or better than butts for sliced pork but why not do loins and cook them in 3-4 hours? I will weigh them all and see what they yielded.
Originally posted by Randy E:

How do you plan to reheat the meat??


I will either wrap it up in some big stainless pans and crank the holding cabinet (I have one with humidity control so that helps) to 225 and send it with him that way or he said "he would just throw it in some roasters" which I wouldn't really recommend.

When we serve out of our concession trailer we just microwave it as we go. It doesn't hold that well and nuking it doesn't seem to hurt it a bit. This way has the least amount of waste and the best quality IMHO. For catering we usually use the holding cabinet to rewarm.
I got the rest of this stuff done tonight. Started out with 180# of meat and ended up with 98#. About exactly what we get out of pork butts yield wise. Due to the meat being dryer I recommended that he add some apple juice when rewarming. They decided not to add sauce until they serve it I guess.

I think if you were to inject this meat and slice it, it could be a lot better but to me it simply doesn't have enough fat in it to be good pulled pork. To much like pork loin for me.

Tried to get some pics on here but they are to large. May try photo shop with a link later.

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