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Well- this is a Heck of a way to introduce myself. If I could undo what I did...I would. But, obviously I can't. I had it on a tray marinating and it would not fit in the fridge. So, like a ornon I cut it in half. all lost? I want to hear from anyone that has done this that it will still be good eating....thanks.
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You obviously already figured not to do it, so don't sweat it and just go for it. It'll be fine. Depends on how you cut it, but the thicker one if it has the point on it will finish after the thinner in with the flat, if you cut it like that.

So try it, keep an eye on the flat and let us know how it went.
I was just thinking of that.I am three hours in, the large one is at 150. I have read brisket 101. I am using the recipe that called for OJ, cinnamon, etc. in the marinade. I substitued apple juice for orange juice, Dr. Pepper for Coke. I am concerned about the cut I made. But, I am not oversmoking and keeping my fingers crossed that all else will be okay. I will go swap out the probe...

Edit-Just swapped probed. I have had the small one up top and he looks to be about 158 degrees as opposed to the larger at 150 degrees...

this beats the Hell out of going to wotk today...
When I get readings where the time and temperature don't jive that early in the cook I always move the probe around in the suspect piece of meat checking temps in several spots. I will usually probe with an instant read thermometer to confirm the temp. When I probe the meat I'm not only checking temperatures. If the probe goes in easily, with little resistance, that is a good indicator of doneness.

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