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Received an email from CS yesterday announcing some special offers. In the announcement was the following:
D. C. Mollet, Cookshack Smokette owner and Forum member, has shared his favorite brine recipe with us. It's sinfully simple, as he says. Cover the meat of your choice with your favorite brand of root beer. For each 2 liters of root beer add 1/2 c. table salt and 1/2 tsp. chopped garlic. Marinate in a non-reactive (glass) container for 48 hours refrigerated.

D. C. says, �I did a 7 lb. prime rib for my Christmas dinner using apple wood and the brine and it was perfect. I did a 6 lb duck for New Year�s using cherry wood and stuffed it with a peeled orange and a peeled grapefruit; it also was done to perfection. Both used the root beer marinade for 48 hours. It depends on how much salt you want and how deep you want the smoke ring. I like the smoke throughout the meat so I opt for 48 hours. Experimenting with the amount of salt and time in the brine will help to satisfy specific tastes.�
If you're wanting to try this, use chicken. It's cheap and easy to work with.

Thanks for the details, I hadn't got to that email. Maybe Donna will know where she found it (usually in the forum)

Sounds different. Maybe we can get him to jump in here and tell us.

Well, not to nit pick...but he's mixing brining and marinading, and they are different. You know me, trying to educate the world about brining, one person at a time Wink

Since he added salt, it's a brine.

And I don't know about putting meat in a brine for two days, especially beef. Doing it for the duck is okay.

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