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If you guys have not seen Jacques Pepin debone a chicken, you should really watch this short video.

I hope to get a CS later this year for our new B&B, but now am cooking on ceramics (BGE and Primo) and they turn out a pretty good roast chicken. This one was stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, shallots and cream cheese.

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Jacques to me is one of the all time TV Chefs. And Pags, once you do a couple birds it's a no brainer, really. While I was living in Chile buying a whole turkey for Christmas was hard to find, so I bought whole chicken legs and deboned and stuffed them with a lovely apple/sausage stuffing. (very interesting to be someplace where it is 95 degrees on Christmas Day).
Originally posted by Pags:
Your finished product looks delicious. It just seems like a lot of work for me. Like anything, it probably goes quickly when we gain experience. If you've done a few, have you found this to be the case?

This is really not all that difficult or time consuming. After you do it once, it is well worth the effort. I really like the trick about making the lollipops. The bone in the first joint will pop out the same way and I do it all the time now.

In the wintertime I do my drumettes in the oven. Season them with seasoning salt, pepper and herbs de provence and roast at 425 for about 25 minutes, then brush on a nice teriyaki glaze a couple times over the next 15 minutes of roasting (total roasting time about 40-45 minutes). Hello Monday Night Football food !! They are addicting as all get out so make a lot.

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