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I really enjoy watching this show. On the episode last night, Guy visited a restaurant called, 'Leonards' where they featured BBQ meats and especially pulled pork.

The owners usually demonstrate how to make their specialties and I ws waiting for him to show what type of rub they put on the pork.

Well, he placed about six whole pork shoulders (butt and picnic including the hock) on the commerical size smoker rack and closed the door. Guy asked where the rub was and the answer was, 'No rub'!!! Shocked the heck out of me. Guy commented that was probably the best pulled pork sandwich he ever had.

The only thing they added to the sandwich was a scoop of coleslaw on top of the pulled pork and then closed the bun.

I use a rub but thought this was interesting.
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Yep,the Leonard's places have been around a long,long time.

Like Smokin' says,those places will salt heavily,and throw a case of shoulders on at a time.

They pull a hunk of meat off,and chop it to serve.

Keeping in mind that we have never heard Guy comment" jeez this sandwich really sucks" Big Grin

Typically ,they have three sauces on the table[hot,med,mild],a bottle of La style,inexpensive hot sauce,salt and pepper.

Locals season to suit themselves.
Guy is local to us here in Sonoma county.. he has a couple of resturants called Johnny Garlic's.. and the food, if you like garlic as much as I do.. is super. I always ask for extra garlic on my servings.. especially the galic smashed potatoes. I don't care for the show.. "everything he samples is "MONEY" ". But if you like garlic and get to Santa Rosa area of Sonoma county. don't miss it. But, his mom is a cute little old"er" lady.. I guess I just don't care for his schtick.. Goofy hair.. sunglasses hanging from the back of his head.. and the strap on his arm.. not like the guy "Guy" I met.

Regarding the rub.. I often do the same.. smoke the meat by itself.. and then sprinkle it on at the end.. when I pull it out of the smoker. I'm not sure it does anything to "marinate" the meat in rub before/during the smoke.. but, I'm no expert either.
Just an FYI: When Cookshack attends trade shows, almost exclusively for the restaurant industry, we always serve samples of meats smoked in our smokers. We never season them at all. We want people to understand what the meat tastes like with nothing but smoke flavor. People love the food. Lots of them ask what kind of seasonings we used and are surprised when we tell them that we didn't use any at all.

We also freeze the meats in advance and bring them back at the show. We have had people argue with us and tell us that that the meat tastes so good that it had to be freshly cooked and smoked.

Try smoking something with no seasoning sometime and see how you like it.
I cook a ton of pork, ribs, beef and seafood and even though seasoning (rub) is expensive, I would NEVER cook without it! Unseasoned meat is just that, no taste and bland. And folks who have never had seasoned que will certainly think unseasoned meat is good. And almost anything is good when you are very hungry! Much of my success has come from the seasoning of my food. Every meat that I prepare is seasoned to perfection (IMHO)! And when I stop in a try que joints when traveling, the unseasoned food is easy to spot and usually the parking lots have lots of empty spaces, also!
But keep in mind, everyone has their way and taste about doing things. That's what makes BBQ (and food in general) so unique.
Originally posted by Tom:
Many of us in the Q community supported Guy ,by manipulating the Food network TV online voting process.

He also has a KCBS cook team,called Motley Q.

No great successes,but he does appear at some cookoffs,and hopefully helps steer the network selection folks towards some of our "bbq brethren".

Lately ive doing exactly what you describe Donna and extreemly happy with the results.

Guess I enjoy the flavor of meat w/o enhancements.

On the Triple D episode from the week ending 1/31, did anyone catch Guy chowing down on some badly cured brisket(corned beef)? They showed a picture of the whole brisket as it was being cut and it had a big, brown, uncured center section surrounded by the pink, cured, outer section. Yummm!

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