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Do briskets hit a plateau like a pork butt does?
Stuck a 6 lb. trimmed brisket on at 6pm this evening, quickly rose to 163 degrees, pulled some other meat off and moved the brisket to the top rack, it been sitting at 164 degrees for about 2 hours now. Is that typical for a brisket to plateau like this? Planning to take the brisket off at 185.

2nd question...hoping to have the brisket for Mother's Day on Sunday after church....planning to leave it in the foil and just warm it up in the CS of the oven...what temp would you recommend and for how long?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Yes, brisket will hit the plateau anywhere from 150 to 170 and sometimes even lose a degree or 2. I normally crank up and push through.

Not sure about the best way to warm up the brisket. If leaving in the foil, I would use the oven on 250* until the meat is 150*. You might want to add some liquid to the package first.

Good Luck!

I noticed that HogBusGuy did a 6 pound trimmed brisket. I have done several 14 pounders (and they have turned out good) but this weekend I am doing my first 5 pound 10 ounce trimmed brisket. Does anyone have any idea how long it will need to cook to reach an internal temp of 190? I usually set my 008 Smokette at 200 degrees.
Alan -- I did a 5.13# flat last night. I put it on at 10:00 PM and set the temp at 180˚ It was 170˚ when I finally checked the temp at about 7:00 AM. Did my usual foil & broth thing, cranked it up to 225˚ and it was done by 10:30. Internal temp was 200˚.

IMO, a 5 pounder is almst too small to cook and expect to keep juicy. I try to stick with 7+ pounds. Just me tho.

Hope this helps.
Set temp to 225. Put it on at 6pm and took it off at 1:45am. Did open the door once to take out a smaller piece of meat, so that could have affected the cooking time. Cooked to 188 internal temp.

Thank goodness for the wireless thermometer, woke me up at 1:45am, wrapped it in foil and went back to bed.

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