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I am looking to build my own southern yankee. I was wondering if anyone here owned a 6ft trailer model, preferably the new hexagon style they are making now. If you do, could you possibly contact me? I have a couple of questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need dimensions of the 2 chambers. the width of each panel that makes up the hexagon and stuff like that. Please help, the manufacturer doesnt give this info out.
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wasnt trying to build a knockoff smoker, just trying to shave some money off the unit and eliminate the very high cost of shipping that I could never afford. Unfortunately I dont have much money as many may have, so I guess that means I shouldnt have one being I cannot afford full price and shipping? Thank you for the response none the less.
Have to agree with Smokin',about using a manufacturer's dedicated forum,that is known for their ethics,to try to steal ideas from another manufacturer.

That said,shipping aside,unless you are a real craftsman,the manfacturer will build it cheaper,and stand behind his problems/adjustments to get you out producing a good product,because it is of his interest.

Just my $0.02
You also have the ability to add things I would like and take away things I dont. I just needed the basis of approx size to make each chamber. No one said I was building a replica. It would have a rotisserie if it did, which is the biggest feature of those pits and I dont want that. I just want a firebox and chamber like that design. Sorry I asked, thank you anyway
As long as you don't call it a "knockoff" I'm all for trying to build your own smoker, there are plenty of ideas and sites out there to help do it.

Take the tack that you're trying to build your own, but don't call it a knockoff and I'm sure you'll get more help than you want.

It's hard to read "intent" in emails and posts, so appreciate you coming back and explaining.

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