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Welcome to the forum.

8 years in the forum, first time for that one.

I'd ask what bones. Some just won't work for dogs.

And if it was me, I'd cook something with bones (beef ribs) and them give them the leftovers. Probably can be that slow smoking can actually tenderize the bones too much for the dogs.
I have owned a lot of dogs. I don't really think a dog cares one lick whether the bone/meat is cooked or smoked or whatever. As a matter of fact when given the choice between a fresh-killed woodchuck or one that has bloated and sat in the sun for two weeks the dogs always opt for the rotten chuck. Too soft to eat they can always roll in it.
GLH speaks true facts.

Please don't be tempted, no matter how tough or big you think your pets (cats or dogs) are or how much they plead, to give them anything but knuckle or femur bones.

Vets furnish whole homes on thoughtless owners who give their critters rib bones, chicken legs, etc.

Let your vet be your guide or he or she may turn out to be your last chance to save a beloved family member. Frowner

Exactly Hook.. rib bones are pretty splintery. I used to feed my dogs anything and, fortunately, never had a problem.. now I know better.. as you say.. knuckles and femur's. One trip to the vet will cause youto never do it again.. but now you know better than to even try it. When I got my last dog at a rescue place.. they gave me three frozen buffalo knuckles.. boy, did he go crazy over them.. BUT, he would have loved a cow knuckle just as much.
As an aside.. every time I hear about not giving your dog bones, I wondered. How the species survived, evolving from eating dinosaurs to the domesticated pet they are. They are afterall carnivores. Smiler I have no evidence to the contrary so I too will stop giving my JR beef bones. She loved the smoked dino ribs (beef) bones.

Hey Bob,

It's good to see a post from you once in awhile.

I'm sure many of those ancient carnivores died from chewing up dino bones. Glad you took my vet's advice. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Big Grin

How's about smoking a couple of knuckle bones for your pooch while you're doing your ribs? She'll never know the difference.

Easy on the candy tonight. Leave some for kids.


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