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doing my first attempt at prime rib 5.0 lb ($47.36) worth please pray for me. going to rub and wrap all night, then leave out to warm up to room temp.use apple chunks. smoke about 5 to 7.5 hours at 225 or internal temp 125 then put in 400 oven turn off heat leave in for 20 min to get nice crust,of course temp will increase. am I on the right tract? any advice is welcome
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I put them in cold so they absorb more smoke, but that's me.

Guess it works for you, but 140 will give you medium/well done PR (check your therm?) for me, going into a hot oven and you want more MR no HIGHER than 125. Check you temp probe so you'll know it's accurate.

Apples a pretty light smoke for beef but it will work.

Good luck, I believe you're not using a CS if I remember right.
recipe n. a set of directions witha list of indegedients for making or preparing something esp. food.disired end . A formula for, or means to a desired end...................ok I put it in cold.there are you happy! its been in 4 hr as we speak. will let you know how it turnes out. If I ruin it ,can I come bunk in your garage cause wife will throw me out
Lot of different opinions there, David. "Me" I'd slice it thin and eat it cold on buttered white bread with sweet pickles...OR slice it thin and griddle it with onions, mushrooms and cheese and make cheesesteaks out of it.

Others may suggest that you 'encourage' it to be warmed through via gentle microwave. But, since I like it bloody rare, I tend to not go back to the heat...or else it will never be rare which case, I'd foil it in a slow oven and pray. Cool
Originally posted by david bremer:

Glad it worked, sure it was the starting with the meat Cold that made the difference Smiler

You said you did it on Time? Won't be successful that way, if you don't have a remote probe, get one, that's the best way for a Rib Roast to get a specific temp.

Just remember to reheat it, not cook it. You can microwave it to warm it up (yes, you can) but you need to do it on about 60% power or so. Higher will cook it and it won't be MR anymore Smiler

And having too rare isn't a problem, just reheat it to cook it out. If the middle is too rare, eat the outside ends first and the middle will do fine when you heat it.

Some even grill them (reheating), that's where Rib Eye's come from
Smokin, thanks for all your help. btw I do have a meat thermoter and took it off At 140, let is sit (we wernt ready) them put it in a 400 oven turned and off the heat to crust the outside a little ( got that tid bit from the recipe) I know listen to Smoken,I think my only mistake was heat shopuld have been between 225 and 250 and it was just under 220. I an still very happy with the results. Thanks venture will be a brisket
Glad it worked for you. The temp 225/250 won't matter that match (at least to the meat) I think too many people worry about a little variance in temp. Concentrate on an average temp.

If you took it off at 140 and it was "too rare" then your thermometer is broke or at least not calibrated.

What smoker are you using, isn't it a Propane Water smoker?

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