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I just opened my Model 25. The door shuts and latches, but when it's not latched, it gaps open an inch or so. Is it normal for the hinged side of the door to make contact with the frame first, making it necessary for me to apply substantial pressure to the door while I latch it?

The attached photo shows the door closed as much as it will close without being leaned on.

Thank you for sharing any experience you might have. I saw nothing in the forum about this, but I don't want to finish assembly and start using the unit until I know whether or not this is normal or defective.


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agreed that your image appears to show what is considered normal. Only question is what do you consider "substantial" pressure. It appears to take less than 5 lbs of pressure to get the door into the position wherein the hinged hasp/latch is then engaged to then push the door closed and latched. If you're considering pushing the door all the way to the 'sealing' point before engaging the latch then I would consider that to be somewhat substantial pressure of maybe 15-20 lbs.

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