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Hello All,

I bought a 8 lb. pre-cooked turkey breast (skinless & boneless) and want to add more smoke to it. I cut them in half to make to make two 4 lb. pieces instead of one big one. I feel this allows more smoke into the meat and also makes it easier to slice on my 10" slicer. My question is:

To what internal tempature do I need to get the turkey to while it is in the Cookshack? What temperature should I set the thermostat to on the Cookshack? And how long do you suppose I should leave it in the Cookshack?

I am currently using a Smokette but my commercial grade Cookshack 150 Super Smoker should be in tomorrow.


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I have never done this,so I'll make a guess-until someone that knows chimes in.

Although the bugs should all be dead by 140�,many folks will rewarm to 160� internal.

It sounds like this has already been smoked once?

Turkey breast takes on smoke mighty easy,so I might stick with something mild-apple or cherry maybe.

225� should be plenty warm and I'd probably spray it with some apple juice or a little Pam,etc.

If it is commercial,I'd go easy adding any salty rubs to it.

I have no idea about reheat time.Maybe 1.5 hrs?

Hope this helps a little and let us know.
And Tom is right, Food Safety is an issue, although with a cooked piece of meat it's not necessarily the same as raw meat, from what they say.

The issue here will be that once turkey is cooked, when you reheat it you WILL dry it out if you smoke it too hot or too long.

What you need to think is that reheating, you only need to get it up to a good serving temp.

I'd set the smoker to 175 or so, put the wood in and wait until it's producing smoke before I put it in.

Put it in as long as it takes for the smoke to finish. You can probably bring it up to a temp of 140 or so, but it's going to dry out if it's in there too long.

When I resmoke hams, I put them in like this and pull them out at 125, and I baste them because they'll dry out also.

Does that help?

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