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With permission from Dr. BBQ, I will this recipe here. Keep in mind that this is only one of many, many fine recipes in DrBBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook published in 2005 by St. Martin's Press.

Chicago-Style Rib Tips

Big-Time Barbecue Rub, to taste(recipe can be found on his website:

Rib tips from 6 slabs of ribs

2 cups Big-Time Barbecue Sauce(or your favorite)

1 cup apple juice

Prepare your cooker for indirect cooking at 250*F, using hickory and cherry wood for flavor.

Apply a heavy coat of the rub to the tips and them in the cooker for 4 hours.

Remove them from the cooker and let rest for 10 minutes. Cut across the length of the pieces at 1 to 2-inch internals. Put all the pieces in an aluminum foil pan. Add the barbecue sauce blended with the apple juice and toss to coat the tips.

Cover with foil and return to the cooker for another hour. They should be very tender. If they aren't, leave them in for another 30 minutes and check again. Serve with white bread.

Hope you all enjoy this. I know I do.
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John - Thanks for sharing, and thanks to DrBBQ also.

Like Cal, after reading your post, I remembered I have a large bag of rib tips that have been collecting in the freezer for some time. They just might become dinner for tonight or tomorrow.

Living in Chicago for many, many years, I always found it odd that, for the most part, the city didn't have a BBQ tradition of it's own. It was always "Memphis Style"' "KC Style", etc. Pulled pork or BBQ brisket were unheard of though that's changed a bit in recent years. The only thing that seemed to be truly unique to Chicago were rib tips, or better yet, rib tips with hot links. These items were off the radar for many however, as they were typically only available at mom and pop joints located in neighborhoods that the less adventurous, or faint of heart, cared to venture.

To me, ground zero for tips and links is Uncle John's BBQ located on the Southeast side of Chicago. It's a dingy store front carry-out place that, when you walk in, you face a wall of glass. You place and pay for your order through a little speaker in a bullet proof glass window that has a concave metal tray at the bottom. The meat's cooked in an aquarium smoker that's open to view and, when your order is ready, it comes to you on a Lazy Susan that's also set into the glass wall. The tips and links come with some cheap white bread, and sit on top of a bed of fries that you never see until the meats gone. You then have a choice of either eating in your car, or going somewhere else. Either way, it's really messy so you'll need a ton of napkins, but you'll have some of the best BBQ you've ever eaten.

Around a year ago, Saveur magazine had a issue entitled "BBQ Nation" which featured a few traditional Chicago BBQ places including Uncle John's. A link to that article is here. The Serious site also had a couple feature articles on the place that can be found here and here.

If you're ever in the area you owe it to yourself to go there at least once.
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