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Barbara and I joined Ribdog, in Tampa ,this weekend to teach a class on Southern/Texas BBQ dinner.

We had the added treat that this forum's own drbbq came for a book signing on his newest cookbook," The NFL Game Day Cookbook ".

He is getting ready to start the national booksigning tour ,for the NFL, and Amazon is now shipping the new book.

Many of ya'll know Ray,as longtime champion comp cook and teacher at the Cookshack class in Ponca City.

He has cooked on Cookshacks for many years,and currently is on the comp circuit using his trusty FEC.

He is also the BBQ columnist for Fiery Foods Magazine,and invites us all to submit our questions.

He is the Chef de Cuisine for Southern Hospitality Restaurant Group and setting up their bbq offerings.

They have just recently opened their NYC restarant,but he is usually on the road doing cookoffs,TV,etc.

While there, we all had him sign our copies of the new book.

I haven't really had time to study it,but have seen recipes from friends, some of ya'll know ,and compete against.

There are some comp winning recipes that we have had the chance to sample in the past.

He approaches the recipes like we all eat at home,or the stadium,rather than comp style food.

He naturally, speaks highly of Cookshack people and products in the book.

Here is the magazine website, for those of you that would like to catch up with him.

Fiery Foods Magazine BBQ

For those that would like to catch up with Ray and his many Cookshack using friends,here is his newly revamped website.


Give him a shout,as he is always happy to help us all.
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