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This was a big hit sliced very thin and served as lunch meat. Recipe adapted from .Eldon's Sausage

Trim fat and gristle from 6-7 lb whole sirloin tip.

Place in 5 quart glass or plastic bowl. Cure with
5 Tbsp tenderquick
2 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp fresh ground white pepper
Cold water to cover meat - I used about 6 cups.

Cure for one week. Stir every day or so.

Remove meat from liquid. Allow to drain until no longer dripping.

Place in Cookshack, with thermometer in center of meat. Set smoker temperature to 125F. Cook for 1 hour. Add 4 oz wood - I used maple. Smoke for 2 hours. Raise smoker setting to 160F. Smoke until meat temperature is 155F.

Lower setting to 150F and continue to cook for 24 hours. Monitor meat temperature and adjust smoker if it drops below 140F. Empty drip pan after a few hours if necessary.

When done, meat should weigh less than 2/3 of original weight. Cool, separate muscles, and slice very thin across grain.
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