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I have been using a drip pan below ribs and butts when I am going to smoke( and oven finish)in order to save the juices. I double wrap the product in foil for the oven & spray with half of the juice & half apple juice. the oven is at 300F till done then towel wrapped & placed in a cooler till ready to eat. Results have been great! Any other suggestions would be welcomed!
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In answer to your questions-I use yellow mustard, then CS rib rub. I am unable to leave in Q oven due to the fact we are in a condo, and the Q or its contents might vanish overnight.(even though we pay plenty for security-It's happened before).The kitchen oven works the same at 250F or 300F measured by polder.Maybe because I double wrap with foil. I Finish back in the oven at 400F for just a few minute with CS BBQ Sauce with a bit of honey after the FTC in the cooler. I am looking for ideas to make my life easier. Thanks Much! WRK
Wow, that's sucks.

Never thought of putting a lock on a smoker, but yours comes to mind.

ideas to make my life easier

Still not sure, if your happy with the ribs this way, do you want to improve them? Taste?

I'm not a huge fan of the Rib Rub, just not my flavor profile, but LOTS of people love it. I'd skip the mustard and try some different rubs. Put some one before and a little sprinkle at the end when you finish.
My fault for not being more clear. I only use the pan under butts- not ribs! I finish ribs in the smoker(Amerique). I cannot lock this beautiful machine. Thanks for all your suggestions. Guess I'll have to get up early & smoke/cook as I should.----Cheers!! By the way, what about the drip pan? Has anyone ever used one to catch the drippings?
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