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In a word? Yes.

So, you guys know me, ALWAYS tinkering and the last two years or so, I've experimented on the family and friends and they've all said there was a better flavor than in the past.

The change is dry brining.

I take my 40 to 50 day we aged beef out and rinse it. Pat it dry. Coat it heavy with kosher salt. Put back in the fridge overnight.

Next day, rinse throughly (don't want the salt there) and then the normal PR of Montreal Coating.

There are a number of sites out there talking about dry brining beef (steak especially) basically you have to do it on say a steak for at least an hour (I prefer 2 to 4) so that it draws out moisture BUT it then soaks back in.

Works fur us.

If you're wanting to experiment, give it a try.
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