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How long do commercial dry rubs keep? I am smoking a pork butt tomorrow and I a wondering if its time toss out my 3.5-year old CS Spicy Chicken Rub and if I should make my own rub for this one. Also, any suggestions on what rub to make? I like a crusty outside so I guess I should include some sugar (turbinado or light brown) in the rub.

Thanks for any suggestions
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Great question!

My guess is 3.5 yrs is pushing the envelope but kept tightly covered and out of direct sunlight, it may be OK. Dip your finger in and taste it. The sugar and salt componants are fine. Modified spices such as onion/garlic powder are probably fine as well. Paprika, chili powder and other herbs containing "essential oils" are probably on the wane, flavor wise.

As for rubs, the sky (and Google Cool) are the limit. I like a 50% turbinado ratio for butt rubs. As mentioned, it helps with Mr. Brown. After that...Kosher Salt, Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Chili Powder are all good bets. A touch of Cayenne and Coriander are also good with butts.

Happy eatin'!
Originally posted by Tom:
Might even see him out on the circuit,someday.

Well Tom, I just submitted my 1st application for a comp this summer...Harpoon/NEBS New England Championship. Now that I've got a FEC100, I'm ready for some barbs & arrows from those stick Matter of fact, I've got some thighs working away in Smokin Okie's Holiday Turkey brine. Gonna give 'em a whirl with Myron's "cupcake" method. Sure wish I could find some Parkay up here Smiler

As soon as I finish the "honey-do" list, which won't ever happen, I'll give you a shout and we'll talk shop.
I was getting ready to buy new batches of CS rubs (Spicy Chicken and Rib), but just found out that you can only order huge amounts from CS, either a whole case of 12 X 10 oz bottles or a 5 lb jar. That's pretty ridiculous, especially for me since I do not run a restaurant and not even used 12 oz in 3 years. They do offer less amounts, if you buy their spice kit, but I am not interested in the other items that you have to get wit it. CS should be willing and happy to sell single 10-12 oz bottles. I guess I am better off making my own rubs, so in reality this is an incentive to do so.

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