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I slice whatever style pepper in half to expose more surface area, and help the drying process.    I put them on frogmats so they don't fall through as they shrink.   smoke around 225 for 4 hours or so.  then turn down to 160-170 overnight to dry out. ( I have an old smokette 008)

after they are completely dehydrated.  grind them up In an old coffee grinder( now dedicated to pepper grinding).     makes a great smoked pepper dust......

tnsmoker posted:

Hello all,

I have some Moruga Trinidad Scorpion peppers going full blast on my plant. 

Has anyone dried / desicated them on your Smokette SM025 or similar?

I'd recommend smoke them at a very low temperature to prevent cooking. Once the pepper is smoked they can be dried in the sun or a dehydrator until they are similar to a pliable leather. Like this they will store in a closed container very well and can be ground, chopped, or re-hydrated for use in cooking.

I usually put them in dehydrator,  then I crush the dried peppers using a spice grinder.
Need to say, it's best to do it outside with a fan or breeze to your back to keep the dust away from your face.
Well... I'm speaking from experience.

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