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Going to be doing 2 ducks and 1 pheasant in my new model 55 tomorrow and can't find anything referring to a temperature to cook up to -- like you would do with a chicken. They are from a shoot at a game farm so pretty well fed but not really large.

Any ideas?

Did spareribs yesterday and they turned out good -- in fact pretty darned good for the first run with new toy.


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Both are mighty lean and an overnight brine in something like Smokin's Honey Brine gives you a good cooking cushion.

I'd cook at 250�and figure about 160� in the breast,or whenever the juices run clear.

The ducks could take an hour,the pheasant two or more.

We usually do just duck breasts.

Hope this helps a little.
Did an overnight simple brine and draped with bacon also put a chicken over them beer can style -- they turned out great -- I think the duck and pheasant could have been done a half hour less than I did (but ran to accountant and it took longer than expected) Took them out and left chicken in for a while longer. But everyone seemed to enjoy them from the report from DH. I loved the chicken and will have leftovers tonight.

Thanks again.

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