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How about a whole,partially cooked ham.

Inject it with something sweet,smoke it at 200º overnight to 148º internal.

Glaze it with something sweet for the last hour.

A few lbs of assorted smoked sausage,smoked an hour,sliced and served with a sweet mustard.

Partially nuke some sweet 'taters and put them on the next rack for a few hours.

Hardboil some eggs,peel and put in at 170º for 45 mins,after the ham comes out.

Make deviled eggs.
Boneless leg of lamb.I use very little mild wood
as not to get a smokey flavor.You really dont even need the wood.I prepare the bonless leg by butterflying it,rubbing the lamb with olive oil,garlic,rosemary,salt,pepper oregano.I than tie the leg back together and cook really slow
until 150-160.You can than slice it and serve it Greek style on pita bread with your choice of greek taziki sauce or just serve plain.its delicious!!!Happy Easter toy all the CS forum readers.
Great bbq for me and you!
I have always done ham, but this year we are going to fix prime rib. The CS does the best prime rib anywhere and there is loads of information on this forum. You simply can't go wrong. Fix up a little au jus with the natural drippings and a horseradish sauce on the side and you're in heaven. I have to admit that ham still sounds pretty good. Maybe do one of each and please all of your wife's family, Kenny.
I kinda agree on that group of spices, with her.

Now, my "coonass" relatives would tell you to poke some slits with a boning knife and stuff some garlic slivers down deep.

Pork likes garlic.

Sprinkle a blend of red,white,and black peppers to balance the sweet.

It already has salt for balance.

Makes some mighty fine vittles.

Now ,I believe it's Chef Williams that makes a praline injection that is lip smackin' good.

Wally world might even carry it.
Did a 5.5# turkey breast 10% enhanced this afternoon. Brushed it with EVO and then salt & peppered her, smoked at 250˚ to 158˚ internal using 1.5 oz hickory. Tented for 1/2 hr to rest. Sliced a couple pieces about 3/8" thick for supper. One of the best birds I've ever tasted.

Sometimes we really over-complicate things when the basics will do just fine Big Grin

Happy Easter - Remember, He's also the reason for the rest of the seasons!
Well said Wheelz,
I just like the smoke taste, everything else just seems to get in the way. I dont Rub, marinate anything. I do brine venison and pheasant, but thats about it, all my ribs, butts, etc get rinsed, patted dry, then smoked. I havent won any contests, but I dont get any complaints either, haha

p.s. also, could be I'm just lazy(wifes theory)
Cut slits in the ham last night late and inserted minced garlic and crushed multi-colored peppercorns. Coated with a glaze of a blend of molasses, corn syrup, honey, and maple syrup. It is in the Smokette since 9:15 am on 200* with 6 oz. cherry wood. 12 pound half-shank. Will let it go to 160* and eat at 5 pm.


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