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Has anyone ever used an electric timer set to shutdown the smoker about 20 min before its estimated to be done. I was thinking about trying it. I would set it to stop a little early so there is no chance of overcooking. I can always start it up when I return in a few hours. Example set it to stop at 3 pm arrive home at 5:00 check food. I understand about food safety so I would not let it go for more than about 2 hours with beef. I don't think I would try it with Turkey, chicken or fish?
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What model?

Especially if you're wanting to "restart" when you come back?

NO one, including me, can estimate when something will be done within 20 min. Okay, maybe I can for some things Big Grin

I'm just trying to understand what you're trying to accomplish with a timer? Start it go away and have it done when you come back?

Better to get an AQ or something with a specific method of doing that (it has a remote probe that will go to hold when it reaches your target temp.

Tell me more so I can help.
I've used a timer a lot to turn ON the smoker.

If the weather is cool enough, I may put in some meat the night before and set the time to go on at 5AM, but I have never used it to turn the smoker off. I might do that as a safeguard - - "I may not make it home at the right hour so setting the turn off might at least save the product."

Most good timers will handle 1500 watts and the max watts for CS smokers is 1200 I think for the 055. I have the 055 and have had no problems with the timers.
Qnorth is experienced with his weather,cooker,and product.

He is doing something specific,with those elements in mind.

Most will learn to set temps,to control the timing of finish.

i.e.,pork butt may be set at 180* for several hrs,and then kicked up to 235* to finish.

Once you learn the product,you can make the cooker work for you. Big Grin

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