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My wife has over 800 cook books and I decided to find a nice sauce for the duck I will make in about three weeks. I decided the French know the most about sauces so I went to "Larousse Gastronomique" edited by Jenifer Harvey Lang. The book is billed as, "The New American Edition of the World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia." I found a duck in bitter orange sauce recipe that sounded good. Here it is and I'll post my results next month.

- Cut the zest (skin) of a Seville orange (or sweet orange)and one-half of a lemon into thin strips.
- Blanch, cool, and drain.
- Using the duck drippings, deglaze the cooking stock with 1/2 cup white cooking wine.
- Add 1 1/4 cup veal stock or a lightish demi-glaze sauce, otherwise use well reduced chicken stock.
- Prepare some vinegar caramel, using 2 sugar lumps dissolved in 3 tablespoons of vinegar and add to the sauce.
- Boil for a few moments.
- Add the juice of the orange and the lemon half, reduce, strain, and add the orange and lemon zest.
- Garnish the duck with peeled Seville orange segements.

I know the French make cooking complicated, but they know what they are doing. Next to good Que, let the French and Italians cook for me.

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