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I smoked some wild Hedgehog mushrooms to the dried point and then powdered in my coffee grinder. Smoked mushroom powder is great! We had it first on grilled steak, then on baked pork chops with mushroom soup and rice casserole. Made a butter baste with it for shrimp and it was to die for! I imagine any white mushroom like a meadow mushroom from the store would work. You could even make a rub with it, mixing garlic powder, paprika, etc. Very versatile, and to buy mushroom powder is Big Bucks! Smoked Mushroom Powder is unavailable anywhere, but here!

Butts and Briskets aren't the only thing Miss Smokette can do! Smoking is truely an art form. Razzer Creative Smoking is Goddess-like... Wink
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Where do I get wild mushrooms, CaterGreat? Why, in the wild, of course! We have several varieties of Hedgehogs up here. They are very mild, easy to clean, and large. They like to live under Spruce Trees.
The "gills" look like thousands of tiny stalagtites, and brush off easily. The mushroom is very meaty.

Since I last posted this, I have dried many things in the smoker, including storebought `schrooms. To smoke/dry, I lay the sliced `schrooms on screens my DH made me from stainless steel. The CS shrimp racks, or whatever they are called, will work fine. I set the thing on 100 degrees, and I use whatever little bits of wood happen to be in the smokebox. Just a wee bit, cuz the `schrooms really absorb the smoke. Then, I just leave `em there for around 24 hours, depending on how thick the mushrooms are. Check at twelve. Since you are drying them to grind, you take them all the way to, what I call, bacon stage. Dry, hard, and crisp. You cannot overcook, cuz once they're dry, they're dry! Cool them away from moisture, grind, and jar. That's it!

I never make a cheese sauce anymore w/o mushroom powder. Be aware that if you use too much, it will act as a thickener in liquids. It will rehydrate even from it's powdered form. Thusly, it makes a fine addition to the hunting pack. Add water and have soup. Razzer

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