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I was fortunate to help at the very first Butcher BBQ & Fast Eddy class in Ponca City, OK this weekend. This was David's first ever class and he was GREAT!!! I've known David for a few years and have been privy to some of his competition techniques and secrets. He really gave it up.

With almost 30 years in the meat business, the guy has to know something, right? I was blown away! I've met a few people in the pork and beef industry that know cuts and meat characteristics. David is unique from my experience in that he also knows how they cook. He spoke to several specific muscles in pork butt and picnics, for example. I learned a lot.

It was such an honor to be there in the back as a "helper". As they say, trust your butcher.

His brisket tasted like second place, though. (inside joke)
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It was a great class and both David and Eddy were top notch in their presentations. Thanks again you guys. Also there was a good number of people behind the scenes that made this class run without a hitch. I just wished I didn't have 1100 miles to drive to participate. Thanks again.
to all,
i would like to thank everyone who were part of the class. i sure learned alot, and i got to see how an fec300 produced. it was outstanding. i will be opening another restaurant in colo. in the next year or so. we use a cookshack 100 series[6 years old]. it puts out a good product, but not like the fec300. a special thanks to eddy and david. eddy and i talked about firefighting, you know firehouse bs. and david was the first to greet me and my wife at the dinner on friday. sorry i missed the class on friday mourning, [we had a funeral to make]. maybe down the road...........thanks again.....................jeff heaton,
thanks david,
the last several years i have owned various restaurants in colorado. the last one i had i sold to my daughter and son-n-law. it was a southern style place called "SOUTHERN VITTLES". but i will be doing a 100% bbq place. it's great because i work from mid may to sept[130 days]. then i take the rest of the year off traveling and riding my harley all over the country..[i'm a retired firefighter].......but after the class, i may have to pack up the RV and make a few cook offs. the wife wanted me to find something different to do........well she may get her wish! of the pan and into the fire.........

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