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that depends on your que. you will have to decide for yourself what blends well. yo dont want a sauce that overpowers or clashes with the flavor of your que. without knowing what your que taste like, no one can answer that question.... just my guess. however, i think the easiest way out for you would be; find the most mild flavored sauce you can, add to it some of your rub and heat til dissolved. if you use juice or any other liquid, add that too. the result should be as complimentary as you can get and it wont take too much of your time.
...just my nickel....
good luck
A good comp cook and vendor,who cooks all over the country and tries to help me,says go to the supermarket in the target area and find the sauce shelves.

Look for the one that most of the public is buying[unless they are giving it away as a loss leader]and buy it.

Tweak it a little to suit your own product,as coffeebluff suggests.

Hope this helps a little.
We use several. I like to use KC Masterpiece but cut it with a little cider or apple juice. We use this for chopped up chuck rolls and beef.

When Costco has Sweet Baby Rays we great a bunch and use it on our ribs, also sometimes on pulled pork.

Cash n Carry or Simple n Final has a inhouse brand that is priced right and good. Most folks have not had it so it doesn't seem like off the shelf.

Have also used Jack Daniels grilling sauce when Costco has it, not bad.
Originally posted by Tom:
[qb] Bodacious,are you looking for a sauce to cater/vend or a table sauce for your home.

That might affect all our answers. [/qb]
Looking for one for home use, primarily. But I might find one premade sauce that I can use as an optional sauce for vending.

I guess what I don't want is one that TASTES like a store bought sauce, if you know what I mean.

When I start vending -- if I do -- I have 3 specific sauces that I plan to use, all home made. makes an excellent kansas city barbeque sauce. It's the only commercial barbeque sauce I'll use, and it would be very tough to make a home bbq sauce better. I haven't tried the texas rib ranger bbq sauce. They also sell a mojito sauce at trader joes which is a excellent pork marinade. The stuff at the grocery stores even the gourment grocery stores hold no appeal for me. My favorite bbq sauce to make at home is a citrus barbeque sauce. You have to cook it low and slow.

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