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Here is another good cookoff for you south and central Floridians.

All the usual suspects will be there and another chance to see the great new Cookshack Fast Eddy pellet cookers in action.

We'll probably be serving Hoppin' John and cornbread for good luck on Friday evening,so stop by for a bowl.

Friday evening will be beer butt chicken,chili,anything butt contests and apple pies in the AM.

January 7-8, 2005 Central Florida BBQ Fest Sebring FL (FBA)
Skip Adams - Sebring Fireman Inc. - PO Box 1981 - Sebring FL 33871
(863)-385-3247 or (863)-381-4247 or e-mail: for information

Give me a shout if I can help,or we'll see ya there.
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Morning Nick,

Barbara and I just returned from the Felda KCBS cookoff and we,FireHouseBBQ ,will be competing at Sebring.

Looks like about 50 teams from around the country.

Sat categories will be chicken,pork ribs,pork shoulder/butt,beef brisket.

They are an hr apart.

Around lunch,there is usually a "Peoples Choice" where the public can sample and vote on all the teams' pork.

It is usually free,or a couple bucks, to sample all the teams' product.

Sebring has a large complex with indoor flea markets,outdoor fruit/vegetables,craft fair,carnival,vendors[of all types],music,etc.

Teams will arrive from afar, on Thurs.

Most of us will begin to filter in Friday morning.

As usual,Friday afternoon and evenings are good times to visit teams and look at equipment.

We are setting up,doing some prep,and socializing.

Sat. morning,the teams will be pretty hectic with turnins up to around 2:30 pm.

Our awards will be around 6 pm and we can pull out about 8 pm.

The general public will be there all weekend, for everything else.

There will be a number of us from the forum cooking there.

There should also be several forum folks judging.

Looks like 80� and sunshine,so come on out.

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