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Just wanted to start a thread to say Thanks.

This was such a great event. Hope everyone will report in with their thoughts.

Thanks to Cookshack and Stuart for hosting this event, and especially Erin and Terry for doing all the work to make it a success.

Thanks to Stuart for the use of his home and the new FE Contest School

Thanks to FE for sharing his years of contest experience (Stuart on the left, FE on the right)

Thanks to Ray for sharings your great insight.

And most of all, thanks to all that showed up, we had a great time together and I now have another group of Q'in friends. What a blast!

Smokin (aka Russ) Okie
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Us pelletheads were practicing rib turn-ins for a Texas cook-off... ;-) I think Rodney might have it down.

What an awesome weekend! Thanks to Stuart and everyone at Cookshack for making it a great weekend!

Great meeting everyone! Gotta go back to my smoker... Practicing a new chicken recipe!!! ;-)

I just wanted to say what a great event this was. Stewart and the Cookshack folks were awesome. They bent over backwards to make sure we all had a good time, and they supplied everything, including an amazing Friday night meal with a fully stocked bar (Well, Marsha and Steve rounded things out in that department very nicely). Also, we all came home with a box full of great goodies that included a really well thought out binder of information and pictures. This was a first class school. Eddy and Ray did a great job with our group. These two guys have taught me so much over the past few years. The best part was meeting some folks I�ve become friends with through forums like this and hearing the comments from the students in this class. Some of these folks were blown away, and just shaved YEARS off of their road to success in the competition barbecue arena � literally.

The plant tour was awesome too. Got to see a couple of prototypes. Very interesting stuff! Stewart, Erin, Terry, Russ, Ray and Eddie, thnx! You guys pulled off a top-notch event that will have us students talking for some time. All I can say is if these folks offer another class, sign up early!!!
Cookshack is definitely a first class operation to offer this kind of product support. This class was fantastic! Like Rodney said, I enjoyed meeting Smokin' Okie, Dr. BBQ and others I've never met in person before. The class itself was a real educational experience - Ray and Fast Eddy not only gave specific techniques, but explained why they did what they did and got us thinking about ways for all of us to improve what we're doing, and where competition BBQ is headed in the future. There were people from Massachusetts, North Dakota, Minnesota, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas City, California and all points in between - so the whole country, East to West, North to South, was represented. All the people involved in putting this class together really have something to be proud of. Armed with our FE-100s and the knowledge from this class, the people from this class are sure to be contenders in any contest they enter.
What a great weekend!! I'd drive 1500 miles over and over to learn and listen to all the people at this event. Eddy and Ray we're nothing less than fantastic. I learned more in one day than I would have learned in 1 yr. doing contests.
Russ, it was great meeting and talking with you. You do a great job running this site.
Let's not forget the Queens of Ponca City, Erin and Terry. Thanks for all your hard work this past weekend You ladies went to the wall to make sure every detail was covered. We all appreciate the hard work.
It was extremely nice of Stewart and his family
to open there home up to all of us. Thanks for the help on that turn in box too Stewart. Damn fine looking turn in if I do say so myself.
It was a weekend to remember. If Cookshack ever offers this class again, I strongly recomend you sign up early. The next one will fill fast. Regardless of you level of expertise, You'll learn.

Thanks for all the nice words guys. It was a great time all around. I don't know how it could have been any better.

Thanks also to the Cookshack folks, they did everything they could have and then some. Seems Stuart can cook a little too based on the Friday dinner.

Kudos to Eddy too for a fine job. That's really not what he does but you'd be hard pressed to know it. I guess the passion, the knowledge and the willingness to share it can go a long way.

I'm in if they do it again.
Outstanding!! What a wonderful weekend. This event was organized with a lot of effort and love put into it by so many people. My hats off to everyone at Cookshack who worked so hard to make us all feel welcomed. Stuart's Friday night meal was delicious, with such a variety of meats cooked on the FEC 100. Erin, Terri and John really came through with a first class box of goodies, including all of the rubs, spices, and cookbook that we used throughout the class. Thanks to Stuart's family for putting up with us all weekend and tracking mud through the house. Last, but not least, a huge thank you to Eddy and Ray for their willingness to share some of their years of experience with the rest of us pelletheads. Meeting so many of you after reading your posts these past months was also a highlight. And to my new best friend, Russ, thank you for wetting my appetite into the world of BBQ. I am now the proud owner of a FEC100 as of Saturday night!! Ron and Nancy
I am glad to hear that everyone enjoyed class. It was great getting to meet everyone. A special thanks goes out to DrBBQ, it was great having him in Ponca City. I am looking forward to hearing the stories of everyone winning events.

We don't currently have plans for another class, but it was such a hit that I would imagine that we will do another one in the spring.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event and to Erin and Terri for all there hard work. And a big thanks goes to my wife Robbie for letting us mess up the yard and the house without a complaint.
After this past weekend, I again have been affirmed that Cookshack is tops in the BBQ biz.

Stuart proved what he said Sat. night that in order to have a successful product you have to concentrate on customer service.

Thanks to all the administrators at the event, my tablemates, Pappa S, Fred Smith, and Tom Chilton who helped me during the day, and you guys {and gals} that I was able to pick the brains of during the "hallway chatter" and at the bar and hotel.

Thanks again, Roger Hubmer

Why do I have this Country {and} Western music going through my head?
This was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. And I've had some great ones. First, it was fun to meet and talk with so many of you who are responsible for almost all that I know about what we do. I have many enjoyable hours reading posts to learn what to do (and what not to do). Secondly, I am grateful for the help that all of you so willingly give. The friendship that was exhibited is remarkable. I came away feeling that I am a part of a community of good people. And I would also like to express my thanks to Stuart, Terri and Erin for making us feel so welcome. Stuart mentioned that customer service is most important and I can truly say, from personal experience, that is a manifest part of Cookshack. Lastly, Robbie must be a wonderful woman - I can't believe she let so many people track through the house in muddy shoes to use the bathroom. I have a wonderful wife too, but that wouldn't happen at my house. Thanks again for everything. Lane
I put the pictures I took (most of them) on my website CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM I didn't put captions on some - if you think of a good caption, let me know. Feel free to copy them or whatever. Thanks to Ron Taylor from Ohio for letting me look inside his trailer - he did an incredible job fixing it up. I'm starting to get going on mine - like Eddy said, you have to control your environment to be really competitive.
The whole class was first rate and the people were top notch. I was very impressed with the class. Cookshack put a lot of work into the class and it showed. We drove 1,800 miles and would do it again. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. I don't do competition BBQ, but I like to eat. I learned a lot of techniques to improve my cooking.

Cookshack customer service is one of the very best. They really try and please the customer.


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