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Does anyone have any advice on firing up the FEC and keeping it going. Confused Last wknd I had 3 racks of ribs and 3 chickens I had to finish in the oven, because the FEC quit on wouldnt auger any pellets. I got it to working on Thursday, because I wanted to try it agin this weekend. I fired it up today and it started out fine. This evening when I started it, it started fine. an hour or so was still at 80 degrees. I have vaccumed it out, and restarted it. None of the pellets have gotten wet and are in a tightly sealed container. Any ideas what may be causing this. I have only had it about 2 or 3 weeks. This is my second cook on it.(crazy work schedules suck)! Mad
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Is the fire starting, then going out?

We need a little more detail to help you out, but we can get you there.

You'll also learn through this, what to look for.

1. Does it light, then go out (probably a fan issue or pellets not feeding.

2. Does it not light. If you clean the pot out, put a handful in there to make sure the ignitor has something to light

Also, if you're having issues, come back to us ASAP or work on this during the week so you can call CS (they don't work weekends). Certainly it's frustrating with a new unit, but I'm positive we'll solve the issues.
Sorry guys! My work schedule is all goofy. And I havent had a chance to get on. I spoke with the tech down at CS and he told me to check the red wire underneath the hopper to make sure its connected. I will check it tomorrow when I get some free time. Thanks for the advice.

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