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Hello everyone. New to the forum. I just acquired a well used FEC 120 it needs some TLC, but I should have it running like new with minimal effort and cost.

One thing that immediately became apparent is that I will need to add some 10-13 inch pneumatic casters because I will occasionally need to be able to move this thing through grass and up a trailer ramp. I was hoping that I could hear from someone who has either done this themselves or has seen it done and can speak to the stability of the set up.

Also should I go with all fixed casters, all swivel, or a combination of both.  Thanks in advance for any input that is given.

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I have 10” no flat wheels (swivel/locking) on all 4. It is stable but i don’t think i’d go any bigger as this thing is top heavy53CCCB57-0B53-4EF2-B566-EED4DE9F8DF9. I do have a 2” lip on my garage floor and if I move control side first it does get tippy. Non control side first, no problem.  You will have to fabricate a plate to adapt the castors to the 120.


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  • 53CCCB57-0B53-4EF2-B566-EED4DE9F8DF9

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