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that would be a terrific size for catering. Big enough to do 2 cases of brisket but small enough not to need be wastefull.

It's too made this type of pit can't be custom built like the big steel ones. But then I understand that SS isn't nearly as easy and forgiving when mistakes are made.
Here's what I don't understand about the 300. I remember someone at Cookshack saying the unit would weigh about 300 lbs which is less than the FEC-100 (approximately 400 lbs). As Thom mentioned the prototype we saw looked like two 100's side by side so with a roto system how can it be 100 lbs lighter? Confused

I think you've received some bad information on two levels. First, the FEC-100's don't weigh 400 lbs. Second, and this is total, absolute speculation here, Cookshack has been naming their pellet cookers based on the approximately capacity in weight of meat a unit can cook at one time. I don't really know abou the FEC-100, but they specifically named the FEC-500 and FEC-750 using this criteria. Stands to reason that if and when the new FEC-300 becomes a production model, the same will be true.

Hi Everyone,

The 300 is well under way with our R&D group. The first prototype unit has been running for several weeks. The unit is a rotisserie unit that will hold 300 pounds of brisket, we actually cooked 320 pounds a couple of weeks ago (had some happy employees...). The unit should weigh a little over 1200 pounds. The cabinet size is going to be approx. 47"X65"X79".

We are currently building the 2nd prototype unit, which should be completed towards the end of next week. It will be pretty close to what the final product will be. If all goes well that unit will go to UL for testing.

I will try and post a picture of that unit once it is complete. As this is a rotisserie unit we are looking at a list price slightly under $10,000.

Hope this answers most of the questions, I know that the biggest question is when will it be done... Well, I can make some guesses but don't know how accurate they will be. We hope to have non-UL units in production in about 60 days. I am assuming that it will take UL at least a year to get it through the approval process, so I would guess 18 months for UL listed units.

We are really excited about this model and look forward to having it in production.
thanks for the scoop, Stuart.

I guess I was hoping for something between the 100 and 500/750 in terms of price as well as size. Sort of like the sm350. it's a big jump to go from $3250 to $10k. Not that I don't believe it's worth every penny, just was hoping.

I still need to connect with Red here to see the 500 in action.

Your explanation on the naming of the cookers sounds right on the money and makes a lot of sense, but I'll stand by my statement that the FEC 100's weighs approximately 400lbs. I've never put one the scales but Cookshack's spec sheets list the FEC 100 at 416 lbs. The weight of my shipment according to the Trucking company that delivered it was 458 lbs which would include 40lbs of pellets and the BBQ sauces and spices.

Thanks Stuart for listing the weight of the FEC 300. That makes a lot more sense to me. Looking forward to seeing the cooker when it makes its debut.

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