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I run the kitchen for my Scout troop's adults.

This past weekend I used the coke, orange juice, cinnamin recipe for brisket and the Cook Shack rib rub on pork butt. 25 people went through about 17 pounds of meat (cooked weight) and it was a huge success. It was also relatively inexpensive. The spices cost almost as much as the meat!

However, having done this I have no idea what to do for the next camp out. I need something spectacular to do with a very cheap cut of meat.

Please help!
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Two words leap to mind- CHUCK ROAST! Season it with any beef-friendly rub. Cook to 170*, wrap in foil, and take it to 205* (190 or so for slicing, 205 will give you pullable). An incredible transformation of a cheap hunk of meat. Be prepared for cook times of 2-3 hours/lb., especially for smaller cuts. You might try a chuck roll, or shoulder, which can be purchased at a lot of big-box stores. See Mainely Dave's website for a detailed (and humorous) adventure for a chuck roll. Actually, Dave's website is a great tutorial for anyone getting into the Cookshack game, and if I was the least bit computer savvy, I would post the link.
I've found Mainly Dave, but nothing about chuck roast. It looks like he is having fun.

I was going to make SmokinOkie's recipe for the pork sauce, but it turned out to be a good bit more to make it than just buy a jar at the store. I'm finding this is often the case and because of cost contraints (trying to keep 5 meals under $20 with propane, paper towels, coffee, etc) I sometimes have to cheap out.

Smokin, do you have a particular recipe for pork loins you like? I'll do a search to see what is here.


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