How do y'all do a deep clean on your FEPG?

I have a horror story from my first attempt at it and since then I have been pretty gun shy...

I'm talking about desooting and degreasing the inside of the cooking chamber.

Thanks in advance!

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I've owned a FEPG for 8 years, use it a lot, and I've never cleaned the inside.  Your plan is one best abandoned.  Think of all that stuff in there as seasoning.  If you decide to continue this course of action, I'd recommend concurrent course of psychological therapy to address your condition.

Thanks...  It's basically when it gets to the point of the soot flaking off that I figure it is time to take action.  Don't want that nastiness flaking off and adhering to my gorgeous rack of ribs or pork butt, etc....

Used to my old vertical propane smoker where I could give it a quick rinse with the garden hose after every 50 hours or so of smoking.

So I've resorted to a stiff bristled brush to scrape off the soot every few cooks and calling it good.

I understand the point of it being seasoning/character/etc, but something about 8 year old grease buildup would make me think twice about attending a cookout at DBB's

Whew!  All that grease buildup!  Yuk!  I'm sorry now that I offered you the advice.  How embarrassing for me.  So yes,  Jobiewan,  stay away from my barbeque, but also stay clear of the many great authentic pits of this country, which have many more years of seasoning on them than my FEPG.  These pits never cease nor stop, smoking without a break year after year, keeping their legion of fans happily coming back for more.  Given your delicacy, such a prospect is naturally appalling and disgusting.  But most bbq fans see it differently.  So I say follow your instincts.  Get out your garden hose and a bucket of soapy water and scrub your FEPG inside and out real good.  You'll be happy then.  BTW, I have no grease buildup.


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