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I have used the Polder remote thermometer. It is good but I am now looking for a Maverick with two probes.

I have a couple of things I don't like about the Polder. First, the settings for the Polder don't let you use varied temps for some kinds of meat (chicken and turkey, for instance, only allow one temperature setting). So, I have used the programmable setting for all my uses. Second, the remote sometimes starts beeping for no apparant reason.

I like the idea of two probes because that will allow me to put one in the meat and another in the CS. Or, I can monitor the temperature in two pieces of meat.

The Maverick is more expensive than the Polder. The Polder retails for $50 (I found one at Bed, Bath & Beyond) and the Maverick is $80. I found one on backorder through a web site for $60.
Wink Found on today,but not a polder.
I work part-time at the Black and Decker outlet store; Tanger Mall, Williamsburg,Ia. After work I walked down to the kitchen collection store and they had one. Has a timer on it and also a temp. alarm. Should work well. $20
Thanks for you're responses..

Ya gotta have a cookshack..
I bought a Maverick in January from High Mountain Jerky for $47. A short time later, I had some trouble with it when I dried some mushrooms. Too much humidity in the CS for the Maverick Probes and that caused them to give abnormally high and incorrect readings. Talked to People at Maverick and they told me that this unit was not really designed for slow cooking. They did send me some new probes though. Just before I got the new probes, I desperately needed a probe on a butt. So I tried it again and it worked (after drying out for two weeks). I put the other probe in the oven and dried it out and it worked after about 1.5 hours of drying.

I do not think these units are made that well though. While they say the remote can be as far as 75 feet away, 15 is probably a more realistic figure. An then it it not always reliable in terms of updating the temps. from the sender unit.

It is a nice unit if it would work as it is advertized to. Unfortunately it needs some additional quality control refinement. Frowner
I'm new to cookshack, haven't phoned in my order yet but probably will this week. Been seriously bbqueing for about two years now. I too had heck finding a polder. I wound up going to a bar-b-que store here in houston and getting their Acurite brand digital thermometer with a 3 inch braided steel clad cord and remote sensor. It was about $30. I looked at Acurites online yesterday and some site has em for $19. I did a google search to find the site "acurite thermometer digital" I think were the keywords. You only get about 20 hits and only one seems to be selling them on the web.... dchem
Allied Kenco is about 25 miles from my home and I shop there all the time. Great butcher/sausage-making store amongst other things. I deal with Julie, since she's by far the sharpest one on staff there. The guy from Alaska could probably contact em and make arrangements for them to take a check for his purchase + shipping.
Almost right. Kenai is on the way to Homer. Moose Pass is on the way to Seward. The road takes a Y right after Summit.

Got 14 lbs. of sausage hanging and going to be smoked after the bloom. They look like Hillshire Farms! Will take pics!

I am in a boggle, though, over maple or hickory! These are Moose with pork added. Beef suet. Coriander, mustard, ginger, garlic, cure, lampong pepper, salt and cane sugar. Maple or hickory? Confused
you guys & gal drive this administrator nuts...


The thread is about Polders and you end up talking about onions


Please start new threads. Please.

The idea is that when I file these in the archives, you wonder comments about the off topics won't be lost in a sub thread where future generations won't be able to find them...

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OK Back to thermometers. I got mine at the Kitchen Collection at the outlet Mall in Williamsburg, Iowa where the Fisherman works a couple of doors down at the Black and Decker Store. He turned me on to it on this topic and I stopped over by there on my vacation. I have used it about 5 times now and it seems real nice. It has both a temperature alarm and time alarm that you can preset both together or independently.

Very Nice for $19.00

Maybe the Fisherman should be the official thermometer guy.

I was surfing the other night for foodsaver bags and came across a web sight for the temperature probe I got that the fisherman told me about. I got it at the Kitchen Collection in Williamsburg, Iowa. Well, low and behold for the heck of it I typed in temp probe and there it is for less money at the store, but I have to pay shipping. Still a good buy. I might get a couple more.

I'm real happy with mine. It has a alarm for both time and temp. I really like mine.

Temperature probes at the Kitchen Collection

Hope this works.

Iowa Man

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