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Good Afternoon everyone
For Christmas eve I decided to cook my very first brisket in my SM025. For the most part I followed the youtube video from cookshack on competition brisket.
I bought a 16lb packers cut brisket. I separated the flat and the point and trimmed most of the fat from them both.
I injected the flat with Butcher Blend Brisket injection and covered both with sugar in the raw and let them sit over night
Then next morning I covered them with Cookshack brisket rub and put them in the smoker at 225 (as a fyi the flat after separation and trimming was now a weight 6lbs).
8 hours later when the internal temp read 190 I pulled both from the smoker. I covered the flat in foil and cut the point into cubes.
I then put all the cubes in a Tupperware container and poured in some famous Dave’s sweet and spicey BBQ sauce and shook it up coating all the cubes
I laid the cubes flat on foil lined cookie sheet and put them back in the smoker for another hour.

The results where amazing. The brisket itself was delicious but the burnt ends where to die for. My guest Christmas eve could not get enough of them.
My only regret was I did not cook more.

You will find the pictures here.
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