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New to the forum and wanted to try my first brisket. I got a 6.5lb flat, used a dry rub. I have an 008 put it on 225' with an internal probe thermometer.

At about 6 hours it hit 165' and stayed there for the next 3 hours, I had to pull it at that point, I let it sit in foil for 45min...

It was flaky but dry, not bad but not too good. After reading forums here it seems like it may have been the cut of meat. So any suggestions would be great
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As Tom correctly states, 165 is the point a brisket hits "plateau". It will stay within 5 degrees of that mark for up to several hours before the temp will again begin to rise.

The finish temp you're looking for will be between 190 - 200. Doneness is easily determined by inserting a fork or skewer, top thru bottom of the meat. When it slides in and out with liitle resistance, you're good to go.

A higher smoking temp of 235 - 250 will speed the process along.
I've attempted my fair share of brisket flats in the past several months that I've had my smoker (an SM025). From my experience in flats. I had to use the "Texas Crutch" method to get them to finish in a reasonable amount of time, and to ensure that they didn't dry out.

While this worked for me. It's a lot of effort to put into a 6 pound, or smaller, piece of brisket. I'd much rather spend my time practicing on full packer briskets, which is what I look for now, to really nail my technique.

And, like everyone here, I'll recommend Smokin's 101. It has all the information you need to get started!

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