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I got excited after smoking two butts and a couple ribs very successfully in my 008. Now I want to try out a Brisket. Unfortunately, I could only find a small one about 4lbs. Not sure what cut, but is has some nice fat on top and is a little less than 2� thick. Will it turn out OK? Any tips for a beginner?
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Without seeing a picture of it I'd guess y'all got you a flat there since it only weighs 4 pound. Four pounds also would suggest that it's off a smaller animal. That's good. Fat cap. That's good. The only thing that's not good is that it's a flat. Flats are notoriously hard to cook.

If I was to cook that sucker I'd do it at 225*, take it to 165* internal then foil with a little beef broth or chicken stock added and take 'er up to 185. Remove from smoker and let 'er set an hour or more still in the foil but wrapped in some towels and held in a non-iced cooler. That'll let all the juices redistribute and the temp. will go up 5* or thereabout. Then slice and serve.
Opus, to quote the immortal words of that great philosopher of the great plains, Smokin Okie, "It's done when it's done."

That having been said, you can estimate 1 1/2 hours per pound, more or less, but briskets are persnickety and will get done in their own time. Oh, I already said that didn't I.
Something to ponder upon.

The plateau that we deal with on tough cuts of meat,has to deal with the break down of collagen and the rendering of fat.

The 150�-160� that may take three hours plus,at low temps, accounts for the tenderness,lack of fat,and retained moisture.

Water boils off at 212�,depending on altitude.

A nine lb butt may take 18 hrs at 225�-235� to render lean,moist and pullable at 195� internal.

A 16 lb packer may take twenty hrs.

It has taken a long time for that to break down.

you can take a quarter inch slice ,with the grain,on a packer -or butt-,cook it to 195� in a 325� skillet in two minutes and you can't reduce it with a sausage grinder,much less chew it.

What I'm posing is that each cell needs the slow and low,over time to tender.

What I'm offering is that ,if you have a nine lb butt,or a sixteen lb packer brisket,the weight X hrs X temp ,may sorta work.

Just my $0.02 worth.

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