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Well I just did my first brisket and it was ok
not great but not bad It was three pounds and I think the cut that I had was what is called a flat
the local butcher shop had very large briskets and cut one in half because I did not want the whole thing Any way I smoked it at 225 until a temp of 185 deg this took s total of 12 hours it was very tasty but some what dry anybody have any suggestions on why this is ?
I think I should have pulled it sooner but every thing I have read says to cook until 185 to 190 for tenderness Eeker
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I'd use the search function at the top of the page for brisket flats and see where that takes you.

Although Cookshacks were designed as brisket cookers,a flat could be the most difficult to get consistently right.

Most folks would recommend cooking a whole packer of 9-10 lbs.

Remember, you will get about 50% waste and shrinkage and it makes fine leftovers.

Yep,12 hrs at 225� seems like a long time for a very small piece of flat-but 185� is not necessarily too high an internal.

If you are determined to try the same piece of meat,I'd try four hrs at 200�.

Remove and double foil it with 1/4 cup of beef stock,a couple pats of butter and a couple dashes of worchestershire sauce.

Put back in at 225�.

Cook to an internal of 190�+ and then stick the probe through it to check for tender.

If it goes in and out easily,let rest in heavy towel,cooler ,etc. for at least an hour.

If not tender cook another 5�+ and check again.

Cut across the grain.

This should get you close and you can adjust next time.

Hope this helps a little.

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