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My first anything in my new 025 (did season it) was a butt. Two pieces one 10.5 pounds and the about 7.5. I injected apple concentrate into the large one and both I coated with cs rib rub and some chicken rub. (I also made smokin okie's suaces). The small one came out moist but the larger on was a little dry. Did not think it was cooked enough and I may of overcooked it but is was still okay to eat. I will learn but my mistakes. But I did not think the favor of either was to die for. Do you think I did not add enough rub or what? Just your thoughts for improvement. What should I try next?
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You may want to try adding more rub to the outside so you will have more bark (flavor) to mix in when you pull it.

Butts are a big hunk of meat so the flavor of the rub will not penetrate all the way through the meat, therefore, a lot of people also add more rub to the meat after it is pulled. Add a little bit at a time and mix it up until it reaches the flavor you prefer.

Smokin's finishing sauce is never a bad idea either.
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When I see 10.5lbs and 7.5lbs, and you haven't enough experience, yet, to find the HOT spots in your smoker. It is hard to justify taking them out at the same time.

Probe the small and when done take out to rest in cooler. Then probe large one and cook till doneness is accomplished.

I had the same problem with the flavor as you, on my 1st PB. When I put one in now, you can't get any more rub to stick to it.

Cooking,reading, and good notes will get you to where you want to go.
You will see as you read that everyone here has their own opinion as what "taste" good and how to get there. Some like more rub, some like more smoke(that's me). But it will take you some time, good notes, and a bunch of experiments(if that's what you want to call them) to figure out what you like.
I have yet to over smoke any thing I have cooked yet. I did get a very perfect smoke amout from my first chicken, but other than that I want more smoke, I'll get there and if I don't I'll be full most times trying to get that perfect smoke. Big Grin

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